ReForest Project Second Partner Meeting in Spain: Strong Collaboration and Tangible Progress

The ReForest Horizon Europe project successfully concluded its second project meeting on June 27th and 28th in Barcelona, Spain. Hosted by EMEA, the meeting brought together 14 partners from 10 European countries, all contributing with their expertise to drive the broader adoption of agroforestry practices across the continent.

A significant focus of the meeting was placed on the update and progress of the Living Labs, which play a crucial role in data management, successful practice dissemination, and stakeholder engagement within the project. In a dedicated session, participants received important updates on the advancements made in each of the 7 Living Labs located throughout Europe.

In addition, discussions revolved around the co-creation process and the ReForest platform, including updates on the development of an interactive app designed to empower by enabling them to create models that demonstrate the potential impact of implementing agroforestry techniques at specific sites. Furthermore, updates were provided on the implementation of agroforestry system monitoring and the verification process within the project.

Throughout the meeting, progress updates were delivered by each work package leader, highlighting the collaborative efforts and tangible advancements accomplished within the project. The partners actively engaged in discussions and shared valuable insights, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the project’s success. As the project moves closer to the end of its first year, the strong collaboration among the partners becomes increasingly evident, fostering the wider dissemination of agroforestry practices. Thus, the ReForest Project serves as an example of the power of the co-creation approach in promoting agroforestry as a viable solution for Europe’s agricultural landscape.