ReForest Project Launched its Zenodo Account

The ReForest project is thrilled to announce the establishment of its official Zenodo account, marking a significant stride towards the early dissemination of knowledge, encouraging collaboration, and enhancing accessibility within the scientific community that revolves around the pivotal achievements of the project.

Zenodo, a widely recognized open-access repository developed by CERN, is frequently employed by Horizon EU projects as the primary platform for hosting various project-related assets such as datasets, reports, and publications. Using Zenodo is in alignment with ReForest’s commitment to fostering transparency, sharing insights, and expediting advancements in the field of Agroforestry aiming to turn it into a leading land management practice in Europe.

Our partners utilise Zenodo as an open-access repository to provide access to publications and bibliographic metadata in a standardised format, adhering to the Open Research Data requirements. This ensures a thorough collection and management of the project’s data, with immediate open access granted to the deposited publications. The ReForest project upholds the principle of making all results “as open as possible, as close as necessary.”

The launch of the Zenodo account not only simplifies the accessibility to the research outputs but also stimulates collaborative engagement among researchers in the field, as well as collaboration with similar projects.

Researchers, academics, and everyone interested in the project can now explore the repository here and check the data already available.