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EURAF: European Agroforestry Federation

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The ReForest project is collaborating closely with the European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF), a leading organisation dedicated to supporting agroforestry practices across Europe. EURAF aims to promote the use of trees on farms as well as various forms of silvopastoralism across different environmental regions of Europe. With over 500 members from 20 European countries, EURAF plays a vital role in advocating for sustainable land management practices.

As part of the collaboration with EURAF, ReForest will be participating in the 7th European Agroforestry Conference, held from May 27th to 31st, 2024 in Brno, Czech Republic.

Moreover, we are currently in negotiations with EURAF regarding the potential transition of the ReForest platform to their stewardship upon the conclusion of our project.

Through the collaboration with EURAF, ReForest aims to support the advancement of agroforestry initiatives and promote sustainable land management practices across Europe. This partnership reflects our dedication to fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange within the agroforestry community.

To learn more about EURAF and its initiatives, please visit their website: 

DIGITAF: DIGItal Tools to boost AgroForestry


DigitAF, the ReForest sister project, is dedicated to unlocking the vast potential of agroforestry by addressing key challenges and promoting its widespread adoption. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of agroforestry—ranging from climate change mitigation to biodiversity enhancement and sustainable farming goals—DigitAF takes a user-centric approach. By offering tailored, user-friendly, and open-source digital tools, it caters to a diverse audience, including policymakers, farmers, and end consumers. The project’s recipe for fostering agroforestry involves leveraging digital technologies to collect crucial data, support policy and decision-makers, enhance communication and networking, and implement a multi-actor approach to engaging stakeholders at various levels.
DigitAF’s objectives encompass supporting policy actors, aiding farmers in designing and managing agroforestry systems, facilitating agroforestry value chain actors, overcoming socio-technical barriers through Living Labs, and providing FAIR open platforms for researchers and developers. DigitAF’s overarching goal is to convince decision-makers that agroforestry is a tangible solution for enhancing agricultural sustainability and building resilience against climate change.
Visit DigitAF website and learn more: