Real-life examples of environmental sustainability & successful business models

The co-creation capability of the citizen science approach

Living labs aim to maximise the use of existing knowledge and data built upon foundations laid by previous projects and establish a stakeholder and actor engagement platform to enable knowledge transfer, training and innovation.

A network of 7 “living labs” will be developed based on citizen science approaches as a testing facility to co-create and troubleshoot tools, instruments, and information output developed during the project. A selection of suitable farm business models will be prototyped to analyse their viability in the case studies within living labs and provide support to farmers for switching to and practicing agroforestry.

Business success

Food production

Multifunctional landscapes

Living lab 1:

Czech Republic

Responsible partner: CZU (

Living lab 2:


Living lab 3:


Responsible partner: Trakiya University (

Living lab 4:


Responsible partner: SOE ( )

Living lab 5:


Responsible partner: DeFAF (

Living lab 6:


Responsible partner: UCPH (

Living lab 7:

United Kingdom

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