REFOREST & DIGITAF Workshop No. 02: Inspiring Gathering at Permafarma Jagava

The REFOREST & DIGITAF Workshop No. 02 took place on October 17, 2023, at the picturesque Permafarma Jagava in the village of Veselice. This event was a unique opportunity for experts, farmers, and all those interested in agroforestry.

A total of 29 participants, including farmers, DigitAF and Reforest project representatives, advisors, consultants, and government officials, gathered in Veselice. The workshop featured a hybrid format, allowing participants to join either in person or online through the MS Teams platform. During the farm tour at Jagava, specific agroforestry measures were presented.

In the first part of the workshop, updates on agroforestry developments in the Czech Republic were introduced prof. Bohdan Lojka presented the results of the DigitAF survey, which detailed mapping the use of digital tools in agroforestry. A socio-economic questionnaire focused on the value chain and knowledge gaps in the agroforestry system, created by Johannes Schmit from the University of Marburg, was also part of the presentation programme.

In addition to the passive component, an interactive discussion took place, where participants exchanged their insights and challenges using pre-prepared questions. This part provided space for better mutual understanding and support.

The Jagava farm is owned by Mr. Tomáš Franěk, who, during the guided tour, explained agroforestry elements created on his farm. One of the elements was the implementation of five bioclimatic zones, which not only cool the environment but also serve as windbreaks and a source of shade for the local biota. During the walk, participants admired extensive orchards with new and old tree species, including walnut, chestnut, and cherry orchards. Tree and shrub strips for bees have been planted on the farm. To support biodiversity, pheasants and partridges have been reintroduced into the landscape.

Mr. Franěk explained and emphasized the self-sufficient production of the farm, focusing on food production and selling fruit directly from the farm in boxes. Most of the produced fruit is further processed or sold in boxes directly from the farm to regular customers. The farm has zero water and wind erosion, and Mr. Franěk strongly rejects the use of mineral fertilizers and chemical agents. The entire workshop at Jagava Farm provided inspiration and insight into agroforestry in practice. We thank all participants for their active involvement, and we will continue our efforts to support agroforestry in the Czech Republic.