ReForest and DigitAF Projects Unveil Their Progress in a Joint Meeting

On 18 Jan 2024, ReForest and DigitAF projects proudly unveiled their significant achievements during a joint meeting. The two sister projects presented the initial results of the 18 months of project implementation, marking a milestone in their shared mission to boost agroforestry practices across Europe.

Our sister project DigitAF concentrates on the development of digital tools for agroforestry. With Living Labs established in six countries, a comprehensive survey conducted, agroforestry value chains mapped, and policies synthesised, the project is actively shaping the agroforestry landscape. Emphasising a user-centric approach, open-source licensing, and adherence to FAIR principles, DigitAF prioritizes sustainability and community engagement. They have already gathered many useful online tools in a catalogue available at:

Meanwhile, the ReForest project has successfully achieved all relevant deliverables and milestones within its first 18 months. Notable achievements include the creation of a knowledge exchange platform, the initiation of impactful social media campaigns to promote agroforestry, and the establishment of a working network of seven diverse Living Labs across Europe. The mapping of EU regulations and policies is a significant achievement that underscores ReForest’s multifaceted approach to elevating agroforestry and sustainability.

A key focus of the meeting was the coordination of the collaborative efforts of the two projects, strategically aimed at maximising the impact of agroforestry practices on biodiversity, climate change, and agricultural sustainability. The contributions of the Multi-Actor Advisory Board shared for both projects were especially important, playing a crucial role in fostering discussions and providing insights.

Stay tuned for more updates on joint activities as ReForest and DigitAF continue working on their mission of turning Agroforestry into a leading agricultural practice across Europe!

Check the DigitAF website and learn more about our shared mission: