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7th European Agroforestry Conference

May 27 @ 8:00 am - June 2 @ 5:00 pm

The ReForest Project is pleased to announce its active participation in the 2024 European Agroforestry Conference, organised by the European Agroforestry Federation. The conference will take place in the city of Brno, Czechia, focusing on the theme “Agroforestry – Regenerating Landscapes and Diversifying Production in Europe.”

European agriculture confronts unprecedented challenges, encompassing climate change, declining biodiversity, and an urgent need for enhanced human health. Agroforestry, involving the integration of trees with livestock and/or crop production, stands out as a proven solution for sustainable food production while addressing all these pressing issues. The conference aims to discuss the potential of agroforestry in creating economically and environmentally beneficial landscapes—an aspect central to the mission of the ReForest Project.

The Czech Republic, located at the heart of Europe, provides an ideal setting for discussions on the wide adoption of agroforestry. The country is currently witnessing an uptake in agroforestry practices, especially in intensive farming areas, making it a strategic location for progressive agricultural development.

The main Conference Topics and Themes include:

    • Agroforestry and the Environment: Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Change Adaptation, Biodiversity, Landscape Planning and Management, Wildfire Prevention, Healthy Soil and Water Management, Pests, Diseases, and Weed Control
    • Agroforestry Production: Quality, Safety, and Sustainability: Silvoarable Systems – Crop Productions, Silvopastoral Systems – Livestock Welfare, Grazing Management, and Production, Tree Growth and Production – Fruit, Timber, Energy, and Non-Wood Forest Productions, Agroforestry Germplasm, Models and Tools, Agrivoltaism
    • Economy and Policy of Agroforestry: Business Models, European Policy, Carbon Farming and Neutrality Certifications, Scaling Up Agroforestry Innovations
    • Agroforestry in Society and Culture: Education, Training, Dissemination, and Promotion, Gender, Youth Engagement, and New Social Movements, Historical Landscapes: Heritage Identity and a Driver for Sustainable Tourism, Urban and Peri-Urban Agroforestry
    • Agroforestry in Practice: Farmers’ Experiences and Adoption, European Initiatives and Projects, Lessons from What Does Not Work in Agroforestry, Women in Agroforestry

ReForest Project looks forward to contributing valuable insights and sharing experiences during the conference, fostering collaboration among farmers, policymakers, and researchers to push the integration of agroforestry practices across Europe.

For detailed information and updates about the event, we invite you to explore the Conference website at: https://www.euraf2024.mendelu.cz/34925-welcome


May 27 @ 8:00 am
June 2 @ 5:00 pm


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